The Power of Online Reviews for Local Businesses


One of the most powerful ways to promote your local business is through customer online reviews as it spreads your reputation to more potential customers. If you are in any doubt about this you should consider the fact that 88% of people trust online reviews from stranger’s as much as personal recommendations[1].

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Local Reviews Stars

Not only do online reviews promote trust and confidence in your business locally but also helps your local SEO and especially your Google My Business ranking for your business.

Make it Easy to Leave Online Reviews


It might sound obvious but it’s amazing how many businesses fail easy for their customer to leave a review. Your website and your social media accounts shouldn’t just be encouraging people to leave feedback but actively linking to the exact page where to leave a review. Please be cautious that all your reviews are not from your business’ WiFi as Google will penalise you if the majority of reviews come from the same IP address.


How to Find Your Google My Business Online Reviews Link


  1. Open the Chrome browser
  2. Search for your business in Google
  3. Click on the Write a Review button as shown below


[1] BrightLocal, 2014


Anstruther Hair and Beauty Online Reviews

4. The online reviews URL will be similar to this:,3,

5. Click and copy the whole of URL at the top of the page. Take the URL and add 5, at the end so the actual URL will be,3,5,

Adding this will mean when you use this link the online reviews popup window will have 5 stars by default.


Online Reviews Posting

6. We then recommend using a URL shortener like Bitly so it is more user friendly URL and you can track how many times the shortener has been used.

7. Copy the URL and paste it in client emails, your social media channels or on your website.

It is worth explaining to your clients that they must have a Google account of one type or another to leave your business online reviews on Google My Business. Google insists on this so the reviews can be verified and not anonymous and therefore more valuable for your business.


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