Bluebelles Dog Walking Case Study:

How I Was Able To Employ My Husband Within 3 Months

Bluebelles Dog Walking Dorking
Working with Philip and Mark at Get Local Sales meant my business became optimised for local search and the resulting increase in business enquiries enabled me to hit my goal and employ Martin. Claire Murdoch

Bluebelles Dog Walking



The Problem

Claire Murdoch had been running a Dorking based dog walking company for 5 years and had enough work to employ herself but needed to grow my business to enable her to employ her husband, who wanted to leave his job. Claire was caught in a very common problem for micro business owners – how to grow her business quick enough to cover the costs of a new member of staff (in her case to cover the loss of her husband’s income).

Claire knew if she could get her business found higher up the search engine results she would get the calls and decided to work with us to help her set up and optimise her Google My Business local search listing and to write some localised content on her website.

The Results

Within the first six weeks Claire received 8 new enquires which resulted in 7 new clients. This stretched her but luckily it was the summer with more hours in the day to walk the new dogs. However, what she realised was that being listed position 3 on the Google Map 3-pack (now listed position 1) had transformed the number of enquiries she was getting and she was confident that by the time her husband left his job there would be enough work to cover the his old employment income.

Our Strategy

Technique #1

Create Google Profiles

Google Mail

To enable us to optimise the local business listings a new Gmail account was created and then a Google Plus page and Google My Business account were created.

Google My Business

In order to create and verify the local business listing we had to create a Google Plus page and Google My Business account. These profiles are then populated to start the optimisation process.

Optimised Images

We uploaded some optimised photographs to Claire’s Google My Business listing of some of the dogs out walking.

Technique #2

Optimise Profiles for Google My Business Search

Keywords & Categories

After initial research we populated all online profiles with identified targeted keywords and correct business categories which resulted in a 3 pack Google Maps ranking and an increase in new dog walking enquiries.

Website Integration

A crucial stage of optimisation was to make sure all NAP details were consistent added to their website, other Google and online profiles. This included the verification of the business to appear in Google local search.

Customer Reviews

Online reviews are an important proof of service quality which Google likes to see and also provides confidence of other potential customers. For this reason we spoke to a number of Claire’s customers and asked them to add online reviews to her Google My Business listing

Technique #3

Enhance Website Content

Localised Website Copy

Claire’s website content was very generic about dog walking but Google likes a local business to have localised copy on it’s website. For this reason we wrote a number of optimised pages for her website.

Information Page

In addition to localised content Google likes specialist information and for this reason Claire wrote a useful information page on various topics include Limes Disease, Puppy Socialisation, Tick Removal and how to select a Dog Walker.

Directory Listings

To widen where people can find Dorking Dogwalking and to re-inforce the ranking in the Google My Business we created authority links by registering the business on a variety of premium online directories. This step helps to keep the listing optimised for local search.

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